I wanted to re-create some of the finest western classic kite shapes, but to also embrace kite culture from around the globe. Inspired by the master kite makers of Nagasaki, Japan and the fine silk bird kites from China, these four kites are hand stitched and finished using Habotai Silk for the covering with a hand cut European Ash frame.


Classic Diamond ‘Two-stick’ – 80 x 60cm

H-form ‘Three-stick’ – 80 x 60cm

V-form ‘Three-stick’ – 80 x 60cm

A-form ‘Three-stick’ – 80 x 60cm

Kites have a very special ability. Just holding one in your hands, allows your mind to think of stories and memories in the past and then within an instant your imagination is conjuring up new ones too. Let’s fly.