This project has been a long time in the making but with some hard work, a pinch of luck and some perseverance it has finally happened. Ned contacted me around a year ago asking if I would be interested in making and edition of work for Not Another Bill, I of course said yes straight away. It has taken the rest of the year working out how I would be able to realise an edition of 700 items without loosing the core values that I aim to put into my work; Quality, Imagination & Hand-crafted with my own passion and soul in each piece. By using using the CNC router in-house at Assemble & Join, I was able to set up a micro-manufacturing slingshot making factory (well in my mind it was) to achieve a far larger output then with my usual one-off pieces or editions that are in the 10’s, 20’s and 30’s. The Slingshot body is made from 12mm WISA-TWIN plywood (Birch faced, Spruce core), one of the few forward thinking plywood manufactures taking strides towards a more sustainable future. The pouches are made from leather off-cuts from the upholstery industry and the elastic is high grade silicone rubber tubing. With Ned/NAB’s wonderful packaging abilities, it all came together in the nick of time to make the post for the February send out.

Each slingshot is hand finished with it’s own unique design in one of 5 bespoke colours for Not Another Bill.

all images courtesy of Not Another Bill

Special thanks go to; Lauren, Franklin, Jo, and Ned for all their hard work and help on making this happen.