I was approached by ARM, (the Cambridge based computer processor & chip designers who have pretty much had a helping hand in making most of our smart phones and laptops what they are today) to collaborate with their super talented team at mbed.

A very exciting first step into something I have wanted to do for a long time now; hack modern and classic crafts together.

electronics + micro-controllers + software + carpentry…. = Angry Birds Slingshot

From start to finish the the team at mbed and the project were a joy to work with/on, helping me out with telling a complete electronics novice (me) what wires need to go where and then me trying to work out exactly how I’m going to get all the wiring, chips and connections inside the slingshot whilst keeping the elegant beauty of some of natures finest y-forks. After a few split slingshots and a couple of broken resistors we got it nailed.


I hopped on the train to Cambridge, where I met up with the team in the local squash club. Six hours later we had a nice little video to boot.



Build your own and learn more about the project with a detailed picture and film based making of here:



Timber from Epping Forest (GPS location). Whittled, carved, hollowed out and finally constructed in my workshop in Hacney Wick. Chip, electronics and software designed and built in Cambridge. Keeping it British!