About Christopher Jarratt

Christopher’s award winning work has gained international recognition and has been extensively published and exhibited worldwide. Christopher encourages the use of our imagination. As a child we dream up fantastical ideas and stories, looking at objects questioning why things are like they are. A child can find a slightly bent branch on a woodland walk and turn it into a bow, sword, machine gun, magic wand or drawing implement. As we get older we tend to forget our old friend imagination.


Individually hand made by Christopher from start to finish, combining both classical & contemporary techniques, each piece is either unique, made to order, or in a small series.


This isn’t to suggest that these works are art, but objects were once closer to the quality put into art production, and this is what resonates in Christopher’s work, adding value and narrative to each piece.


telephone: +44 7974711361     e-mail: contact@christopherjarratt.com


Current Stockists:

Conran, The Shop a Bluebird, YCN, Guillaume Store, Folklore


Books you can see Christopher’s work in:

High Touch: Tactile Design & Visual Explorations, Furnish, Bespoke, Doing It For The Kids, Product Design In the Sustainable Era, 1000 New Eco Designs